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Cynthian, Gargantuan, all-comprehending, all-comprehensive, all-covering, all-embracing, all-encompassing, all-filling, all-including, all-inclusive, all-pervading, allover, amplitudinous, anagalactic, asteroidal, astral, astrologic, astrologistic, astrologous, astronomic, astronomical, astrophysical, awesome, boundless, bulky, catholic, celestial, circumplanetary, cislunar, colossal, cosmic, cosmopolitan, country-wide, ecumenic, empyreal, empyrean, enormous, equinoctial, extensive, extragalactic, gigantic, global, heaven-wide, heavenly, heliacal, huge, immeasurable, immense, infinite, intercosmic, international, interplanetary, intersidereal, interstellar, king-size, large, lunar, lunary, lunate, lunular, lunulate, mammoth, massive, massy, meteoric, meteoritic, monster, monstrous, monumental, mountainous, national, nebular, nebulose, nebulous, nondenominational, nonsectarian, outsize, overgrown, planetal, planetarian, planetary, planetesimal, prodigious, semilunar, sidereal, sizable, solar, spacious, sphery, star-spangled, star-studded, starry, stellar, stellary, stupendous, terrestrial, titanic, total, tremendous, universal, uranic, vast, voluminous, weighty, world-wide, zodiacal

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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